Monday, May 19, 2008

Love Makes the World Go 'Round

The blogging world that is! :) I was given the "I Love You This Much" award from Dela at Not Your Mama's Southern Cooking. She is so sweet and I used to see her every day at lunch (we work together) until she changed jobs and now I never see her. :( How sad!

Now I'm supposed to give this award to 10 other bloggers I love, but love is a strong word to me so I am just choosing the blogs I love to read the most. The blogs I check out regularly, pretty much on a daily basis and I don't have time to read 10 blogs regularly. So here you go:

First and foremost, I give this award to my sister, who has a new blog called Mommy Meals. She just got started so make sure you bookmark it and check back as she adds more recipes (and hopefully some pictures of my nephew because he is seriously the cutest thing EVER!) She is a great mom and a great cook!

I'm also giving this award back to Dela because I love reading her blog too! You probably aren't supposed to give it to people who've already received it, but I think that just shows them that a lot of people love them. And what is wrong with that? Plus, are the blogging police going to come get me for not following the rules???

I also check out Kate's Paved with Good Intentions and Nicole's Art and Aioli regularly. I guess I need to branch out and start reading more blogs. I'll work on that. ;)


Emiline said...

That's a cute little award. Congrats!

That Girl said...

You are SUCH a blog stalker. No for reals though - I find myself doing the same thing too. Certain blogs just keep getting hit over and over and over again.

Nicole said...

You are so sweet, Jaime! I really do appreciate it. I check out yours regularly too.