Sunday, May 4, 2008

Graduation Day!

Are you humming pomp and circumstance in your head yet? I think I hummed that song the entire last semester of college because I was so excited to finally be done with school. And now every time I hear the word "graduation" that song just starts playing in my head. Today what began as tiny seeds pressed into a little bag of dirt found themselves transported into the big outside world. Yes, my little seedlings from Garden in a Bag get to spread their roots in large, colorful pots on my back deck. I was so proud! Mostly because I managed to keep them alive this long. Now the true test begins. Hopefully they will flourish in the outside world.


Alex said...

Congratulations Jaime!
Bouth you and your little seedlings will flourish in the outside world :)
just dream your dreams and start in now, to make them all come true.
Happy Graduation!!

deLa said...

yay, jaime!!

i actually ordered some from amazon and now i know why you chose these 3 herbs. they are basically the only ones to choose! other than mint, i wish i had of ordered sooner so i could of used home grown mint in the PC challenge

Jaime said...

I think they had chives and maybe rosemary when I ordered these. I do remember them having mint though. I am very impatient and ready to have some herbs I can use!

That Girl said...

I think one of the first entries I ever read of yours was about growing these herbs in a bag. I feel like I've watched them grow and bloom from the start. They grow so quickly don't they? One minute they're seeds, the next you're sending them off to the outside world! (tear)

Nicole said...

Yeah! They will love the fresh air and sunshine. I hope they flourish. I am impatient too. I want to start using mine but they are so small. It will be curious to see how your in Alabama does as opposed to here in California. I've always had a hard time with cilantro but basil grows well for me.

Nicole R. Hill said...

Great post!