Friday, April 25, 2008


I am so so so glad it is finally Friday! This week has been dragging by for me thanks to my TV shows coming out with new episodes and my insane need to stay up late to watch them. Yes, I now consider 10:00 p.m. late. It's a pregnancy thing, just go with it. ;) Therefore, I have been exhausted during the day at work, which only makes the week seem to take that much longer. It's not like I have a relaxing weekend planned though. My weekend is packed pretty full again, so no new recipes are planned until next week. I am going to Nashville to a huge flea market tomorrow, so if I find anything interesting and/or exciting, I will post about that this weekend instead.

Anyway, since it is Friday here is my meal plan for next week (not everything will be blogworthy...LOL):

Monday: Pasta a la Carbonara

Tuesday: Risotto

Wednesday: Grilled Pork Chops with Roasted Corn (I'm also making Strawberry Cupcakes for the Ladies meeting I have Thursday night)

Thursday: Burgers & Fries

Friday: Leftovers

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Nicole said...

Well I say for a pregnant girl, you are doing pretty well! Working, blogging and having energy to cook too? I was completely depleted of all brain cells and motivation. And now I still consider 10pm late. Yet morning... hurts to get up every day. All I can say is sleep in now. Take naps. Watch your TV shows. Do nothing. Because afterward there is sooo little time for the above!