Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mystery Meat

Remember in an earlier post when I made pot roast? And I mentioned that my in-laws had given us the roast and I had thrown it in the freezer? Well, this is another piece of meat from the in-laws that was freezer-bound. The problem is, I have no idea what cut of meat it is. It is definitely beef and it is rather large and has been sealed in a food saver bag. Taylor says it is just a really big ribeye steak, but I prefer to call it "mystery meat." It is just more fun that way. ;)

I do want to add that I am very thankful for the freezer full of meat my in-laws have provided. They love to buy in bulk, and my father-in-law can not pass up a good deal, so we reap the benefits. Our freezer was starting to overflow though because most of it was given to us a few months ago when I was still incredibly sick from this pregnancy. Back then I stayed as far away from the kitchen as humanly possible. Therefore I am now cleaning out the freezer and working these meats into our dinners. My husband is thrilled since he is a raging carnivore. For him, a meal is not a meal without meat.

Tonight the mystery meat came out. I put it in a marinade I whipped up when I got home, so it only got about a 45 minute soak. (I usually prefer 4-5 hours or overnight, but not time for that tonight.) Then onto the grill it went. I had the leftover Rosemary Leek Mashed Potatoes as my side and Taylor had green bean casserole. (See I do feed my husband veggies even if I refuse to touch them)

My Marinade
(I don't usually measure when I make my own marinades. Just go with what feels right.)

worcestershire sauce
minced garlic
dijon mustard
chili paste
olive oil
seasoned rice vinegar


Kate said...

How can you say you don't eat veggies? Leeks are veggies and you had them in your potatoes. Done deal. I say you've completed your food pyramid for the day :-)

Jaime said...

Haha! That is very true. Thanks :)