Thursday, March 20, 2008

Product Rave!!

When grocery shopping, my husband usually tries to steer me away from the specialty cheese case. He is not a big fan of what he calls "weird, moldy cheeses." To him, this includes everything except Cheddar and American...even if the cheeses are not remotely moldy. I do happen to make it to that lovely piece of heaven every once in a while and I have a new discovery. Alouette spreadable cheese.
It is SOOOO good! I purchased the Garlic and Herbs variety and spread it on some equally wonderful crackers, Parmesan Basil Wheat Thins. Trust me, I can make a meal out of this stuff. I also discovered that Alouette has a website where they have lots of recipes in which to use their products. I will be testing out some of those soon!

If you are wondering where this random, middle of the day post comes from, let me enlighten you. A pregnant woman's brain is always thinking about food. And I happen to have this tub of yumminess in my fridge at home, but I am stuck at work day dreaming about it. Therefore, you have a post to read while I sit here drooling on my keyboard.

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Deborah Dowd said...

I am with you- this is really good, creamy and smooth. They used to sell a differnt brand of this in a big tub at Sam's, but I haven't seen it in awhile.